I love words. Be it a witty turn-of-phrase, a dark joke, a heartfelt speech, I am here for a carefully crafted message. The below examples are some of my favorite word-based projects from over the years. 
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All the words for a video discussion platform

A complete, soup-to-nuts UX writing package. Here I worked closely with a UX designer (he on designs, me on words) to create clean, clear, friendly copy for a popular app used by thousands of educators around the world. 

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Reserving a room in the library

Whether it's for a restaurant or the doctor's, many of us are familiar with online reservation systems. For this project, I helped guide patrons through the most used service offered by the library, reserving a private study room. 

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Landing and About pages

You know what they say about first impressions? That goes doubly for websites! Here I display some examples of eye-catching and welcoming messaging for people who want the long story short.  

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TC Library app 

The first-ever library app from Teachers College marked a giant achievement in our development team. Here I underscored the occasion with a detailed description for our App Store entry. 


Michael Scott once famously asked, "Why are you the way that you are?" On behalf of everyone who has ever worked with me (on the writing side of things), allow me to answer that question for them. Here I present sample styleguides I wrote for outreach communications. 

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